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Conductive World News, including conductive education

Why Call It Conductive World?

Hi! Welcome to the Conductive World, News and Information Blog

“Conductive” as derived from “conductivity”, is associated with “dynamism”, “heat”, and “electricity”. Other words which also caught our notice, for the name for this general news and information blog, when we looked at , and chose this domain name, were:

“strength, magnetism, potential, and service”.

We thought that all of these would be great values to aspire to in the non-scientific and non-engineering sense.

In fact, we were inspired to start this new blogsite project, and here we are!

Indeed, we hope to live up to the other words also listed on that page , such as:

“application, response, gravity, and horsepower”!

Yes. If this blogsite lives up to its name, as we aim it shall, it will be a high voltage rollercoaster-ride of current affairs, news and information, with “friction”, “pressure”, and plenty of “gravity”.

Phew! What a way to start…

Thank you for visiting our website.

What You Will Find Here

We are not a site about Conductive Education. We recommend that you visit for a site devoted to conductive education news and methods. If that site  doesn’t contain what you are looking for it remains the best place to visit, as far as we are aware, as it contains many further links to conductive education resources.

Best wishes
Grant K. Ball


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