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philosophy of education examples

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Philosophy of education?

How do I write my philosphy of education and what do I include? How long should it be? Is there a place where I can see examples?

Posted by babyoutlaw
Philosophy Of Education Examples
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A good way to write your philosophy of education is to make a list or outline of what you think the ideal classroom would be like. Then, you can take those same ideals and flesh them out to explain what you think education is. Some things to consider are cooperative learning, technology, parent involvement, student motivation, real-world application, etc.

Here are a couple of nice one's I found on the Internet while trying to figure out how to write mine a few years ago. The first one is too stuffy for my taste. The second one is fantastic:



Philosophy courses in college?

So I'm writing an essay about college philosophy courses and was wondering what you personally think the benefits are. Thanks much! And no this isn't cheating, just opinion gathering.

Posted by klc101
Philosophy Of Education Examples
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Perhaps Pat B is confused about the difference between psychology and philosophy and is a prime example of why a broad liberal arts education is important; as to not be so narrow minded in both their professional and personal life.

As for the benefits to philosophy, well this could take a while. A lot of the philosophical issues are practically important to us in our everyday life, such is as morality, politics and religion and they all effect us in some way, shape or form, and thus if we do not understand them and have insight into them, our actions or in-actions could have serious consequences. Furthermore, like much of life, there is no right or wrong answers and philosophy does not try to make you believe that there are; instead, it challenges you and your beliefs and teaches you how to really think about a problem, and decide on the best strategy to arrive at a solution to the issue at hand.

It also builds and develops vital life skills such as your analytical, critical thinking and writing style. Which combined with the common oral defense of your ideas in front of your peers improves you communication skills, which in turn makes you more valuable, because the key to success in almost anything is clear, effective and efficient communication between friends, family, peers, employers and clients.

Philosophy doesn't tell you what to think, it just tells you how to think.

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Philosophy Of Education Examples

Philosophy Of Education Examples

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