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philosophy of education samples

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Questions and Answers

How can I develop a DIY education in the classics for myself?

I'm kind of old, and far along enough in my life and responsibilities that I cannot go back to school. However, I'm interested in continuing my education. I'd like to educate myself in what I think is the classical style – logic, rhetoric, and the western classics – the Iliad, the Odyssey, whatever else comprises the cannon (Plato, Socrates, whoever?). I'd also like to then study Schopenhauer, Kant, and whatever other philosophers one is 'supposed' to study.

How the heck do I give myself and Oxford-like education on my own?

Posted by little musgrave
Philosophy Of Education Samples
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As far as philosophy goes, it is always a good idea to talk about the ideas and philosophies you are reading about – it makes them MUCH easier to read and comprehend. I suggest trying to form a small group of people who are interested in talking reading some philosophy and then discussing it.

You may want to check out your local colleges – they may offer free courses to "seniors" – you don't have to write papers and take tests, and no credit is given, but you are able to come and learn with others.

What to read?
I suggest books with a "sampling" of many different philosophers, like the W. T. Jones "A History of Western Philosophy" series.
You can get them pretty cheap on Amazon. These books offer excerpts of the writings of philosophers and then discusses them. This would give you a taste of many so you can dig into the ones that grab you even further by picking up their full works. There are 5 books in this series from Socrates to 20th century philosophers.

Hope this at least helps in your pursuit of philosophy!

Can u give me sample of thesis that is related to nursing??

Like experimental thesis which related to nursing.

Posted by beveirly_carole
Philosophy Of Education Samples
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Some great nursing thesis topics include:

Health Education
Home Care
Hospice Care
Nurse-Patient Relationship
Doctor-Nurse Relationship
Computer Technology in Nursing Education
Ethnicity and Patient Care
Psychosocial Practice
Holistic Health Care
Nursing in the Community
Private Nursing vs. Public Nursing
Nursing History
Nursing Philosophy
Nursing Theory
Nursing Practice
Nursing Administration.

Teachers that can share philosophy of education statements?

I am doing a projects for my child development class and i wanted some examples of philosophy of education statements? I asked some teachers at my local high school but so far only one has gave one and it is sort of confusing. Is there any teachers out here that have a philosophy of education statement. I will have to turn in any examples that I use. Please help me come up with one?

Posted by E-liz
Philosophy Of Education Samples
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Here are some samples:

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Philosophy Of Education Samples

Philosophy Of Education Samples

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